Failing Forward

Failing is not falling

It’s a wave that must be ridden

The waves may be polluted with fear, anger and emptiness

Puffy eyes will sting and swell

But like all over watered things,

there must be slight wilt and wither

Before the bloom transcends with clarity of light

and the reach for higher skies

Ingest the initial gulps, sprinting pain

find yourself catching the air

where all parts are wounded, ripped away

and you're left bleeding for all to see

Swallow to digest

This does not define you. It does not shape you

or allude to your being as less than anything

You are the pilot, the architect

of what designs itself next.

This was your doing and can be your un-re-doing

No-one else possesses this power

Weightless to everyone but yourself

Become fearless in your next strides

Float above yourself and it all

To start again



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