I want to

I want music 

to seep into my ears

rippling deafening pulses

I want words 

to eat away at me 

I want oceans

to swallow me up

and spit me back out

I want someone

to dive into me

and swim to shore with

I want sounds 

of laughter to bubble in the air

until my throat dries up

I want my feet

to outrun my mind

so my heart jumps ahead

I want to thump and sway

until my body becomes numb

I want the aching hurt

of nostalgia to sting

and itch 

like the bite you can’t ignore

I want to stare

into nothing and everything

in the same moment

I want to care

so much 

it crumbles me

I want to not care

at all 

so I can float free

I want my mind

to dance in spirals


it stumbles to the floor

I want to feel 

so much intensity 

scatter it in my garden

let it sprout

and kill it

For new seeds to bloom

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