In the sky

Chasing the moonlight

ready for flight

Feeling everything and nothing in one beat

My body gliding away, time slipping in and out like sleep

My mind racing off into another dimension and lagging behind

Sniffing and scratching at everything in sight

A place here there and nowhere

Existing as the fleeting air - present yet not seen

Clouds cover up the day's worries

Yet tuck away clarity

Resolving and creating a misty blanket of doubt

Where beneath lie beaming stars

of empty potential.

The night sky opens and closes like my mind

A window of a new vision opens with every breathing breeze

The creeping chill is numb to numbing me

A song plays behind and next to me, filling my ears with confusion

turning back time

blinding me with a blanket of shivering sight

I sit without cover from what's covering my mind

no attachment to my vessel

distant touches tingle me, like far away breeze tickles

my being hanging above me, in the sky

with thoughts hanging in the blanket

All these thoughts I’m catching and feeling in both hands

There’s a constant drilling sound 

filling a void

I hear everything all at once but not at all 

like being underwater with someone shouting from above

The crickets are bumping around my ears

I can’t write this at the pace of my sprinting mind 

my pen is grazing my hand to cover the lines

There’s an angry man rushing through my mind’s cabinets

throwing around papers with haste

A polluted forest hiding affection 

What would my being be like without my mind?

A bobbing limp of air with a lifted heart

A heavy stomach with new weight

Giggling eyes, loose of etiquette 

Suspended air

Floating in caramel with ’Sun King’ blurring in the background

Is this the real you?

The one you’re not ready to become or the one you store away?