New thoughts - NYE 2018

No fire explosions imprinting the sky

No heart pounding leap

No breath onto mine

No sudden mind burst of clarity or new vision

No newness to numb the old

Swaying in the puddle of others

With no-one to feed me their energy or take a bite of mine

Eyes shut

only the music’s cyclic beat circling around me

Yet amongst the pool of people

I feel cleansed and awaiting 


I wish to myself 

leaves of multicolour change

that say hello and goodbye to the breeze

Knowing strength in letting go and growth in wherever the wind pulls

I promise to myself 

never to forget 

how the sun’s gentle shadows make me see the beauty of hidden darkness

I hope for myself 

to be more at peace

with myself

Reminding myself of my gentle nature

pure patience 

easy solitude and crave for nothing less

than losing myself in myself

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