Next Door's Pool

Eyes dancing around the room

an invite from one world into another

The portals from one pool of floating colour

Splashing into next door’s yard

Your eyes speak words your mouth may never utter

Your watery pools of never ending circles steal my breath

I dive straight into their depths

Glistening stories I’ll never hear

but I learn with every stroke

Each blink twisting me under a wave of confusion and desire

A stranger with eyes that don’t know mine

A hazy air of anticipation and drifting simmer of silence

Your still waters start rippling

Splashing into my pond

Polluting the clear idle I settled

Each time thinking I’m free of your ripple

And pulling currents

I swim into your depths

Now someone else has glided to your shore

And keeps the surges calm

I must pull back to mine, return to dipping my toes

Where the slow water kisses them

I must let go the urge to dive back in


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