Pour out, soak in, drift up

You’ve had your last drop of my essence

Gulped up all my energy, taken every splatter left

Not all of what you drank and thirst after was poison

Each sip became one too any

My glass is empty

I have nothing to quench your throat with

I’ve slurped my share and held onto what my sponge could suppress

There’s only so much one can rebuild once the foundation cracks

Acceptance becomes a fragile walk of mis-steps and unhinged paths

We can’t go back, the cement has dried up and is crumbling 

Every step forward leads us backwards

An intro is also an outro. 

I must drift away from and for myself.

My mind and body cannot take on the sacrifice 

It’s my turn to be selfish and to lead myself towards myself

Nothing has been for nothing 

The time of love, laughter, carefree ease and peace of being everything will never fade

But its continuity cannot linger, as it will never be

I need to feel myself out and be free of us.


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