Reckless Excess

In a state of flux

Fluid yet frigid

Movement swirling around me

while I idle to flow with it

Flustered in the chaos

gravitating out of sync with myself

Struggling to feel out what is trapped inside

Tapping away at the discoloured windows

with no-one home

Seeking inward, sinking outward

Truth trying to crawl out of my throat

scratching its way up

Halted back down by a harsh swallow

Wafting in and out of myself

Pasting perceived versions into the world

Forgetting to hold onto the first copy

Losing grip of who I’ve been,

clinging onto who I am

calling out for who I’ll be

Adjusting to how others see/experience me

Doubt drowning me yet

guiding me through the things I mask from myself

Follow the noise to find the silence of peace