Reversal Verge

Feeling lonely and low

Craving contact but also not fully wanting it

Stuck running through a field of wilting flowers

Using all my might to refrain from reaching out

Instead retreating back in

So I can emerge on my own

Rise towards myself by myself

Yet yearning for someone to call out

Conflicting chaos spinning in my mind

Gnawing at my every thought

Sensible to the how of shaping and re-shaping

but unknowingly unsure where to begin

dubious to add weight onto other shoulders

Carrying the load alone

Inviting the crushing darkness in

Slamming the door on any other entry

Pushing away the love I don’t know what to do with

Perpetuating a complex of


Holding, clutching onto what is told, not what is or making it what it is

On the verge of colliding back into myself



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