sad-bye Summer

Clinging onto branches that have already shed their colour

Sweeping up leaves of past seasons

Crackling and crisping crunches of dried up memories

Watching the summer air whisper its hanging goodbye

Seeing the sun without feeling its touch

Saying farewell to hazy days and getting misty windows

The clawing chill engulfs your flame

inviting a gust to blow out the candle

Clutching its icy grip

Making your mind hang on the edge

Forgetting days when golden beams warmed your mouth

and stretched across your glowing face

Don’t fade away under the blankets

Harness the power of yourself 

Discover yourself without the ease of warm distractions

Uncover your naked bare goose-bumped body

Trust your mind’s footprints wherever they wander

Accept the nonchalance of it all 

Seasons are natural flows of life

To be born we must decay to be reborn

Lukewarm kisses

My ears drowning in chirping chatter

A mind caught in two worlds

One where my body traces the pavement with effortless ease

Yet my mind floats between uneasy easy of unfamiliarity


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