Shedding to Shelter

Sweet savoury endings enter

Pouring itself over my chest with a chilled tickle

Stirring away the tight swallows

Wafting scenes of food bubbling on

stove tops

every square box’s lid steam mingling together to reach me

Glass rims are being caressed

Last ‘kind regards’ are being sent off

Layers are being replaced to shed away the restricted inhales

A muted sky rolls in

easy on the eyes

Staring becomes a numb kind of calming where to do’s fade into the pink light

Reminiscent and longing for careless laughter spilling over a friend’s balcony

Or the hot summer cling finally cooling away from my arms

Speckles of glittering gaps foam where the last snippets dance through the darkened leaves

My skin glows against the sharp screen glare

Possibilities of the day dim into strained frowns for the next wake

I lean into the sunken ease of knowing this

There’s a latent burning desire to flow into the nightly routine

Preparing oneself

to find shelter in silence

Tucking in

to untuck

And start all over again



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