I am who I am, am I who I am?


Possibly your wacky, witty and always late friend (sorry).

Or a complete stranger, whose website you just stumbled upon, hi!

But most commonly known as Alex(andra).

I'm not going to blah-blah on about myself, instead I leave you with everything here on this very establishment of sorts and a simple fact that my favourite colour is lavender, if you didn't already notice.

However you will come to know that I am an avid playlist maker, aspiring naturalist, sometimes too idealistic and mostly a nostalgic sentimentalist. 


All of the above could be a slight attempt at describing myself, and I could go on and on with many contradictions and probably false perceptions of and desired aspirations for myself. 


I wish to consider myself undefinable, with some stagnant inner workings that live on despite my haste to unleash them. Although I know in a society stained with categories and humanity fuelled by what makes sense, this remains impossible. So I am who am I?


All my spilling thoughts have come to rest here, or at least take a little lie down.

Some injected ink lines stolen from my scattered and tattered journals.

Hidden haikus waiting to be picked away at and put back in a new order.

Impulsive spurs to be felt, untouched and relocated.

A place where my mind speaks; uninterrupted but disrupted by life's voice.

Unfiltered intentions and naked noise.

Rambling strokes where my mind and fingers sink into each other, melting together making a sauce of silky drops and stolen licks.

Where words gain and lose meaning as fleeting as days gone by.

Finding myself along scribbled lines and drowning between their cryptic murmurs.


For what it’s worth, this site is an attempt at expressing some portion of myself through flashed visuals and spiralling words.

A form of who I am via media, literature and whatever tickles my fancy. Some might say a delicate splatter of my inner juices, all blended up and poured into a big big big glass of confusion, inspiration, darkness, light and all those bits of crunchy tasty ageing.

Stay intrigued by the messy flow and haphazard motion.